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We branded the purest coconut oil on the planet.


When the founder of Kaino came to us, she had a vision and a process for oil purification. We created a name, visual identity, brand strategy, packaging design, ecommerce website, photography, video and social media content to take the product from idea to reality. 


Coconut oil packaging design beauty health product
Coconut oil website design ecommerce web development

Worn Creative built a custom e-commerce solution for Kaino using Lemonstand and connected it to Kaino's fullfillment center API. We also produced all of the content on the site including copy, photography, and video. Our team flew to the Dominican Republic to shoot product images of the packaging on location. 

Coconut oil flour coffee packaging design jar
Coconut oil logo design visual identity branding Kaino

Worn designed Kaino's coconut oil and coconut flour packaging. Our challenge was to create packaging that stood out among all of the coconut oil competitors and conveyed the products use as a food product but also as a versatile beauty and multi-purpose product. 

Pedro Martinez coconut oil dominican republic factory single mothers

Our team flew to the Dominican Republic to shoot a brand video featuring MLB Major League All Star Pedro Martinez, touring the Kaino factory in his home country the Dominican Republic. Our team produced, directed, and edited the video to feature on Kaino's website. 

&pizza redefines fast casual through cutting edge content.


Since their very first store in 2011, Worn worked with &pizza to produce photography, video, design, and social media content to take the brand from local pizza shop to a full on lifestyle. Two years later, we've helped them open 7 new stores and blow away their competition.



Worn lead &pizza's social media strategy and community management, increasing &pizza's social media following by a total of 60%. Our team created all of the content for &pizza's social media channels and managed all customer engagement. 

&pizza branding packaging design logo soda cups 
&pizza pizza food photography

Worn directed, shot and edited a video for &pizza's #andcharity program featuring the men of Gallaudet's All Deaf rugby team. 

Transforming JRINK from startup to star. 

JRINK hired Worn Creative to take the juice brand's visual identity from startup to grown up. We polished their existing logo, designed a brand new graphic, and designed new marketing materials from menus, a reboot guide, postcards, and stickers to a fully customized delivery bicycle complete with branded umbrella. 

Read our blog post about the process of branding JRINK. 

JRINK juicery 14th street logan circle washington dc
JRINK juicery tee shirt design branding
JRINK juicery logo design
JRINK Juicery DC juice delivery bike was Designed by Worn. Cold-Pressed Juice delivered locally.

Worn designed and produced a fully customized delivery bike and monogrammed umbrella for JRINK's home delivery program and events. 

Worn Creative produces video content for W Hotel's Worldwide You Tube Channel


Our video production team has produced 10+ videos for W Hotel Washington over the past year ranging from celebrity fashion appearances to global music acts playing intimate concerts in the Presidential Suite. 

Watch all of our W Hotels videos here

The energy your team brought was so professional, welcoming, and just simply amazing. I could not have pictured doing this project with anyone else.
— Zineb Tourougui, W Hotel Insider

Planned Parenthood: The Kissing Campaign


Worn Creative cast and styled a nation-wide ad campaign for the non-profit Planned Parenthood targeted to same sex and interracial couples, positioning PP as a welcoming health resource for all. The campaign images ran in national ads in print and online and were used in over 700 Planned Parenthood affiliates nation-wide.

Planned Parenthood kissing campaign photography hug
Planned Parenthood kissing campaign photography


Worn produced a two city photo shoot in Chicago and Washington, DC for Zurich-based Education First's 2015 marketing materials. The guides are distributed to 60 countries around the world in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and translated to 30 languages. 

EF Education first chicago students theater
EF Education first student catalog design
EF Education first student catalog photography
EF Education first student catalog photography
EF Education first student catalog photography
EF Education first chicago student skyline dorm
washington monument photography EF education first
EF Education first chicago student selfie downtown