Education First Photo Shoot in Chicago & DC


We just wrapped up a epic photo shoot in Chicago and D.C. with international education company Education First. To pull it off, a motley crew flew in from all around the globe: the EF team from Zurich, photography team from Stockholm, stylists from LA, the Worn Creative production crew from D.C. 

EF is an incredible company with Swedish founders and schools in over 60 countries around the world. If you took a trip abroad in high school, there’s a good chance it was an EF trip.

Our shoot included model castings in Chicago and D.C., 20 different modes of transportation, 3:00 AM wake up calls and we loved every minute of it.

Things we learned on the shoot: 

  • Photographer Andreas loves John Legend. He can’t get enough. 

  • Lisa loves sweet potato fries. We’re sending her some to Zurich for her birthday. 

  • You never know what car Nicole is going to show up in next. 

  • Daniel could be an Olympic weight lifter. He can carry any amount of photography gear across a city. 

  • Helena is always happy, even at 5 in the morning!

  • Vi behöver lära svenska. (We need to learn Swedish.)