JRINK Juicery Branding & Design - Designing an Iconic Juice Brand

 JRINK juicery design logo bottle

When the DC-based cold-pressed juice company JRINK Juicery came to us, they knew their brand was ready to grow up. With big plans to open a now-launched door-to-door delivery program and a second location on 14th St in Logan Circle, they wanted their logo and branding to feel bold, iconic, but still very recognizable to the audience they had nurtured over their two years in business. Also, with brands like Organic Avenue, Juice Served Here, and BluePrint Juice coming onto the juicing scene, differentiating and creating a cult following was crucial. 


Worn's solution was to make subtle changes to their existing word mark, adding a subtle curve to the bottom of the "R" and adjusting the way the letter "K" was constructed to make the word easier to read on screens. We then designed a new graphic to represent the brand. Seen from various angles the new graphic can be interpreted as two "J"s, a fruit cut in half, or also a subtle yin yang sign signifying internal balance. All of these interpretations underly JRINK's mission to bring healthy convenience to our busy lives. 

The new graphic can now be seen on the tops of JRINK's juice bottles, on the front of their 14th St. location in gold, and on pretty much every piece of JRINK swag from here on out. 

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