F*it: NYC Business Women Open Up

 Nicole Aguirre, Nell Constantinople, Alana Tung, Nora Levinson, Katrina Craigwell 

Nicole Aguirre, Nell Constantinople, Alana Tung, Nora Levinson, Katrina Craigwell 

New York might be the most competitive city in the world, but Thursday night is also proved to be a place where the women at the top are eager to lift up the new generation of women business leaders and show them the ropes through sharing their own very personal stories. 

On April 30th, Worn in partnership with Canadian retailer Joe Fresh hosted the first F*it storytelling night in New York City at the Joe Fresh flagship store on 5th Avenue. Katrina Craigwell, Director of Global Programming and Content at GE, Nora Levinson, CEO of wearable technology company Caeden, Nell Constantinople, film producer for networks including CNN and National Geographic, and Alana Tung, venture capitalist for Time Warner Ventures gave the audience a rare glimpse into their inner worlds and the very real challenges they've overcome in their careers. 

Katrina Craigwell told a story about how she got fired in her early twenties, how she managed to overcome it through introspection and meditation, and ultimately grow to be named one of the 30 Most Creative Under 30 by Forbes. (This lead to more than one person in the audience opening up about how they got fired and what they learned from it.)

If you don’t speak up, you’re going to get bowled over, and that’s some bullshit.
— Nell Constantinople

Nora Levinson, told a powerful story about being the only female engineer (she has a degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford) in a group of guys at one of her first jobs and having to prove to everyone that she knows her shit - "Alright Mr. let me explain to you the difference in mass production process plastics and mass production in carbon.” She was extremely energetic despite spending the previous night in NYPD lockup for participating in a Freddie Gray protest outside her office in Soho. 

You did not get here by accident.
— Katrina Craigwell, GE

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