Why We're Called Worn

Worn agency name event invitation

Since setting up shop in New York, we've gotten mixed reactions to our company name. Some people love it, some people hate it, most people could not tell you how to spell it. Everyone has an opinion though, and that is what's important. Let me share a story from a recent trip to a very fashion-focused event. It starts like this: 

Nicole: Hi! I'm Nicole, I'm the CEO of Worn. 
NYC Lawyer Lady: Worn? Like you already wore it? (Makes a disgusted face.) 
Nicole: (Trying not to laugh.) We don't think of it that way, but yes. To us it's more about 
a something you wear because it's comfortable and feels like you. You've worn it 100 times and you feel totally confident in it. 

About an hour later, I'm waiting for the subway and I happen to get on a train with a very chic woman who I had met briefly from Zac Posen. We sit next to each other and chat politely, and before she gets off on her stop she asks:

Chic Zac Posen Lady: "What is your company called?"
Nicole: "Worn" I say, handing her my card.
Chic Zac Posen Lady: "Great name," and walks off. 


Lesson learned: Everyone is going to have an opinion, don't worry so much what it is, just be memorable. This is also what we tell our clients. If you're looking for more guidance on naming your company, see our naming guide.