F*it - Brave Businesswomen Bare Their Souls

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F*it, as we've done twice before in D.C. and New York, Worn has invited women to do something incredibly brave - to get up in front of 100+ people and tell the story about a time during their career when things went wrong. They either made a mistake, someone tried to screw them over and they had to fight back, or maybe they got fired. This is not what most successful people want to talk about, but the truth is these stories are the ones that help us the most. The are an incredible equalizer that show us that even the most successful people are like us and therefore, we are also capable of great success. 

 Kassie Rempel, Co-Founder, Lillybee

Kassie Rempel, Co-Founder, Lillybee

 Virginia Arrisueño, Founder, DeNada

Virginia Arrisueño, Founder, DeNada

 Elise Whang, CEO, SNOBSWAP

Elise Whang, CEO, SNOBSWAP


For our second F*it in DC, we've invited two women entrepreneurs in retail to share their stories. Kassie Rempel, founder of Lillybee and a two time entrepreneur started the online and brick and mortar shoe company Simply Soles and sold it 2012. She's now onto her second business, Lillybee with co-founder Lisa Palmer. 

Elise Whang, CEO and co-founder of SNOBSWAP, just announced that her company raised a $1M round of seed funding last week. The luxury online mall for luxury brands works with consignment stores across the country to sell their inventory online. 

Virginia Arrisueño is the founder of DeNada an emerging accessories line, specializing in knits made by artisans in Peru. Her designs are sold in retailers across the country and around the world. 

Register to attend F*it on August 20 in Washington, DC. 


And this time we're throwing a wild card into the mix by crowdsourcing stories from our guests in the audience so we can all learn from their hustle in the trenches. To submit a story for the lightning round, click here


This past spring Worn hosted F*it in NYC at Joe Fresh's 5th Ave flagship store. That night, Katrina Craigwell, Director of Global Programming and Content at GE told us about the time early in her career when she got fired and how she overcame it and ended up on Forbes' Top 30 Most Creative List.

Then Nora Levinson, CEO of Caeden, Stanford engineer, and co-founder of Adopted, maker of one of the best selling iPhone cases ever, told us about the time as a young engineer and the only woman in the room she had to confront her boss with the reality of her obviously superior engineering knowledge.

Watch more F*it videos on our YouTube page here. 


If you have wisdom to share and would like to volunteer to be an F*it storyteller, or if you would like to be a sponsor email Carolyn Rush at crush@worn.nyc.