The United State of Women

It’s about time! On June 13th - 15th, the White House will be holding its first ever summit of The United State of Women. This summit is dedicated to celebrating the many extraordinary achievements of women today, while also addressing how we can make strides moving forward.    

The 6 main topics that will be addressed are economic empowerment, health & wellness, educational opportunity, violence against women, entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as, leadership and civic engagement.

Worn is fortunate enough to have its very own CEO, Nicole Aguirre, selected to attend this monumental event.

The United State of Women Summit serves as a major step in formally addressing the variety of issues women face around the nation on a daily basis. Most importantly though, this conference provides the opportunity for these leaders to create a plan of action to resolve these problems.

Worn is already taking action by working with female leaders and their supporters to build and grow businesses and give women a larger stake in the business world. Additionally, Worn empowers women through our F*it speaker series, where female leaders share stories of the challenges they have overcome on their way to success.

Sign up here to attend F*it on June 22nd.

We look forward to standing together with The United State of Women.