PiperWai Rebrand & Website Redesign

When the founders of PiperWai Jess Edelstein and Sarah Ribner first came to Worn, they were fresh off their appearance on Shark Tank, and had just raised $50,000 from entrepreneur and investor Barbara Corcoran. Due to the Shark Tank affect, they were sold out overnight and backordered. The activated charcoal deodorant, started in her kitchen by Jess Edelstein, was a huge success! They quickly needed to up their game on their website and update the company branding to PiperWai level 2.0. That's where Worn came in. 

We started with branding. The Worn team designed a new version of the PiperWai logo that was similar to their original branding, but much more sophisticated and with a new PMS color that stands out on store shelves.  

For the website, our challenge was to quickly update the design with a fresh look that was still recognizable to their core audience and maintain the existing navigation and general layout of the original site. 


We started by putting PiperWai’s activated charcoal deodorant packaging front and center on the homepage. Our team shot new product images in the Dominican Republic to replace their original homepage image, which didn't feature the product. We also knew it was important to bring the value proposition of PiperWai's deodorant to the forefront by adding icons for the qualities of the product we knew customers cared about most, and matching them to the new product packaging (to come later!)

PiperWai's website comes alive through textured photography, beautiful product images, and a simple, clean layout that let's the product shine. 

Throughout the pages of the website, Worn rewrote the website copy, making it concise, more direct, and ensuring every paragraph matched the company voice Worn created with PiperWai.

The result is a website optimized for conversions that communicates clearly to PiperWai's customer base and can grow with PiperWai as their product selection expands in the year to come.