Stop shying away from the f-word. Fertility.

After going through her own unique fertility journey, FertileGirl founder Allison Kasirer recruited Worn to help bring her brand and first product line to life.

Beginning with the logo, we took the FertileGirl brand name and developed a versatile mark that would be adaptable to all mediums--from web to physical products. We did this by conducting a series of one-on-one interviews with diverse member of the target audience, and synthesizing their responses into one cohesive creative direction. The information we gathered from the interview-style focus groups also helped us develop a strong brand tone and voice that was translated into messaging that gives women who are trying to conceive confidence and honesty during a sometimes difficult time.

Once we had a solid brand foundation in place, we moved on to developing the packaging for the superfood bar--a nutrition bar packed with superfoods especially for women trying to conceive. Focused around a central pattern, the bar was created to be one that will stand out on the shelves. You can now purchase a box of FertileGirl superfoods bar on their website,